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    Distorted Audio from QT Reference Movies


      I work with editors using AVID Media Composers connected to a Unity networked storage system.

      They generate QuickTime reference movies that I access via Unity to add animation, etc. in After Effects.


      This workfolw has worked fine until recently upgrading to CS5.

      Now, when I bring the reference movies into After Effects the video plays fine, but the audio

      consists of nothing but extremely high pitched squeaks and noises.


      I have the same audio issues in Adobe Media Encoder CS5.

      However, the audio works fine if I open it in AE or Media  Encoder CS4.

      The audio also works correctly in QuickTime Player and Final Cut.


      I have 2 systems with CS5 installed (Master Collection on one and Production Premium

      on the other) and both have this issue.


      I've searched various forums and haven't found any other mention of this issue.

      Anyone else have this issue or find a solution for it?


      Thanks in advance!


      System info:

      Macintosh Pro Tower

      Dual 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

      32 GB of RAM

      Mac OS X 10.5.8


      Adobe After Effects 10.0.1

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What's the audio codec?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Which version of Media Composer? Which options do you chose when exporting the ref from MC? Sounds like the audio is not correctly mixing down...



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              Thanks for the quick responses!

              Here's some additional info from the Avid side of the problem:


              We're using Media Composer 5.0


              Avid Project settings are:

              Sample Rate: 48kHz

              Audio File Format: PCM (MXF)

              Sample Bit Depth: 16 Bit

              DV Audio Pattern: Unlocked Audio

              Convert Sample Rate When Playing: Always

              Remove Extra Filler After Punch in: Keep

              Keep Dolby E Material Safe: No


              Quicktime Reference Export Settings are:

              Defaults: Digital Mastering

              Mixdown Audio Tracks: Checked

              Audio Format: WAVE (also tried AIFF with same results)

              Sample Rate: Project

              Sample Bit Depth: Project


              When the Reference movies are created a .mov file is created as well as a .wav

              If I bring the .mov into AE I get the high pitched screeching I mentioned. If I turn off

              the audio for the .mov and add the .wav file to my timeline then the audio previews and renders fine.

              However, I'd like to not have to go through this work-around each time I get a file from the editors,

              and also need to get files from the Avid into Adobe Media Encoder where the same audio issue occurs.


              Thanks again, and any help will be appreciated!

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Mmmh, sounds like the bog standard settings anyone would use, so I'm ready to proclaim this a CoDec error in the Avid stuff... I really have no idea beyond that...



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                  phillip-j Level 1

                  I have a similar issue:



                  AME 5.0 (downgraded after problem with VBR encoding)


                  I have a .mov file that is SD, progressive in ProRes 422 with 16bit 48kHz audio


                  If I convert to FLV from this .mov file -- OK


                  If I convert to FLV using a reference file which is just part of the original .mov, the audio is not encoded.


                  I am now re-making all my reference files as self-contained ...



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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    What happens if the editors export self-contained QT's rather than reference QT's?

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                      Lightning adman

                      very similar to a problem i am having.


                      My video files are usually in one of two quicktime formats - ProRes422 or Uncompressed 10bit. I use FCP not Avid.


                      I have found that the ProRes files will always encode video and audio correctly. The 10bit Uncompressed files somehow manage to have the audio converted to white noise when the files are encded using Adobe Media Encoder. This problem has only appeared since the CS5 / CS5.5 upgrades, and happens on both versions of the release.


                      The only cure i have found has been to send all the 10bit files through Compressor first, to convert them to Prores, before running them through the AME.