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    Camera Raw 6.4 for PSE9


      Does ANYONE have a clue when Adobe will release Camera Raw 6.4 for PSE9???  I have been waiting 2 months for it - I got a new camera at end of January, and 6.3 does not support it (Oly E-PL2).  6.3 only supports E-PL1.


      Can anyone help????  PLEASE, ADOBE, HURRY UP AND GIVE US THE UPDATE!!!


      THANK YOU.

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          You can download the DNG Converter 6.4 (RC) from Adobe Labs and convert the files to DNG with it. Note, don't download the Camera Raw 6.4 (RC) as it isn't supported for Elements, but once you convert using the DNG Converter 6.4, the current ACR 6.3 you have loaded should see them.

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            missysen1 Level 1

            Thanks, Jeff!  I will give that a try.

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              will camera raw ever work with pse9? ive just bought a canon eos600d and i cant get the raw files into the organiser. the camera raw 6.4 rc will not install. i get an update not applicable message. pretty annoying.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Photoshop Elements 9 release:  September 21, 2010

                Canon EOS 600D release:         February 7, 2011


                You are actually annoyed that a low cost software product already released by a company other than the one that makes your camera doesn't yet support the never before seen new camera model you just bought?


                It just seems funny to me that you should have an attitude about it.


                You're darnned lucky that Adobe, with its staff of bright engineers, is following a policy of adding new camera support from time to time to their released products.  You'll get it, free of charge, when they've finished it.  I guarantee you that your telling them you're annoyed that they don't hurry up isn't getting it done any faster.


                And it's not like you can't look at your pictures yet.  Use the Canon software for the time being.



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                  Modular1 Level 1

                  What i find annoying is that the camera raw update rc does not work with elements. How are users meant to test the rc works? If i could test it with my new camera i could give feedback that the rc is sound. Then surely the rc would become an official release sooner. I certainly don't have an 'attitude about it'.

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                    Modular1 Level 1

                    The fact that Aperture and iPhoto can open the files and are both cheaper software just proves that it can be done a lot sooner.


                    It seems funny to me you got annoyed about my post. I'll repent and consider myself darned lucky Adobe with its staff of bright engineers, is following a policy of adding new camera support from 'time to time'.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      All that proves is that Apple has a different release cycle for its products.  Adobe certainly doesn't release a new Camera Raw version, nor even a new beta build, for each new camera.


                      I honestly don't know why Elements users aren't included in the public betas for Camera Raw.  Maybe Adobe just figures that if they're not full Photoshop users they won't be able to contribute very much to the beta, though that seems short-sighted.  I'm with you; just knowing it would work with Elements on multiple customer systems should have value for them.


                      Personally I feel Adobe sometimes doesn't manage their beta testing as well as they could. But that's just my opinion.



                      I may have misread your annoyance. For that I'm sorry.


                      I'm sorry you perceived me, in turn, as annoyed. I wasn't - I was amused to think you were demanding the update.



                      You see, I'm keenly interested in the perceptions of software users, as I am a software publisher myself.  I find it amusing that once a company has had a policy in place for a while - e.g., Adobe's policy of releasing updates to support new cameras - their customers come to expect it and can even become demanding.  Others have posted "C'mon Adobe, let's have that new update already!" messages before.


                      When you step back and think for a moment that they're providing value after the sale for no additional (direct) profit, it all comes into focus.  Hey, in this day and age of "buyer beware" it's great; more businesses need to do intangible things for their customers.



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                        Elements User Level 3

                        Adobe Camera Raw update is available now !!!