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    Reader 9.3.4 - bug, looking for the fix


      This reference article (CPS) confirms the bug of which I speak:



      Acrobat and Reader updates that affect Enterprise workflows


      Some  releases of Acrobat include changes that could affect legacy workflows.  Deliberate changes or accidental bugs can affect the compatibility of a  specific product version and an existing workflow. For example, a  critical security change can require you to configure your clients to  operate a particular way. Or a bug can make it necessary for your  organization to skip a particular dot release.

      This article lists changes across releases where those changes could adversely affect Acrobat products in enterprise settings.

      9.3.4 and 8.2.4

      Bug:  Interdocument links referencing nonPDF files do not work. When you  click links in a PDF that point to nonPDF files such as .doc, .ppt,  .xls, and so on, then an error dialog is displayed:

      "Windows cannot find <name of file>. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again." 

      This problem is only associated with links that launch an  application. Web links do not exhibit this problem. You can identify web  links by hovering over the link and seeing if there is a "w" on the  hover icon.

      A fix is currently under investigation.