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    "Node is not defined" message when users click the Search or Index tab

    M_Boyd Level 1

      We use RoboHelp 8 and generate HTML help. In just the past week or so, a couple of people have reported that they are suddenly unable to use our product's help system. When they open the help and click the Index or Search tab, the following message is displayed (over and over):


      Message: 'Node' is undefined


      Line: 3012


      Char: 2


      Code: 0


      URI: http://<install-dir>/parent/whfhost.js


      This seems to be an environmental issue, not an error in the actual help files. For example, our Support Manager can run the help on one of his machines, but not on another. So he copied the entire help directory from the "good" machine and replaced what was on the other, but saw the same issues. Also, he could run the help on both machines a short while back, and then it just stopped working. So it looks like a Windows update, software installation, or some other change to that environment caused the problem.


      We've seen this happen on both Windows 7 and Windows XP.


      Has anyone else seen this? Is there something I could add to or remove from the help that would get around this problem? Or something that users need to enable or disable in their environment?


      I appreciate any help!