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    Is auto-size pop-up fixed in RH9?


      To update or not to update?


      I have discovered that RH8 has a glitch in auto-sizing pop-ups (WebHelp), where it does not give the viewer access to a scroll bar for the pop-up window.  I found a thread in this forum that confirmed it was a glitch and was being "worked on".


      Can anyone confirm whether this anomaly has been fixed in RH9?  It would be worth the price of admission, unless you can warn me that something else is now broken .....





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          Hi Kopriva,


          RH 9 has got lots of fixes pertaining to pop ups. I have been using it and did not see any issue related to autosizing pop up. As far confirmation regarding the the problem is considered I think there is no such issue. However, you yourself can verify the exact scenario of your problem by working on trial version. I suppose there is no harm in investing few minutes so that you can take benefit of lots of new fantastic feature incorporated in RH 9 once you upgrade to latest version...