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    Failed Manifest Save???


      I have been using the same e-reader on ADE and today I tried to download some books from my library when this error appeared:



      Error during recover after failed manifest save

      Error restoring backup file F:\DigitalEditions\backup_manifest.xml to F:\DigitalEditions\backup_manifest.xml

      Error detail: Error # 2038


      Now I can't open any files on my e-reader - the book titles appear, but when I try to open one it says "Failure to open file".


      Also, every time I open ADE and connect my e-reader, ADE asks me to authorize my device.  I've received the "too many activations" error twice tonight already, and have had to contact Adobe Help to reset it...there has to be an easier way around this!  When I asked them about it, they gave me a link that said would answer my problems (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3044249#3044249) but it did nothing for me.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated - I am in the middle of a fantastic book but can no longer access it on my e-reader!!!!!!!!!!

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          Regarding your problem please follow the steps as given below.


          Delete following folder from your computer.


          C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Digital Editions\restore.

          Please Note : Location of the folder may differ according to your operating system