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    Failure installing W7-64 RAID 0 on dynamic disks ?

    reteb Level 1

      This must be a very basic question but I'm suprised I cannot find any thread in this forum.


      BTW : CS5 under Windows 7-64 runs flawlessly on a trial setup with 1 x 7200 rpm disk only.

      I am stunned what my system can do (*) even with this inferior ( trial ) disk setup.


      However, when trying to install W7 for 3 x 300 GB 10 k Raptors in RAID 0 ( SATA II ports ),  Windows Setup refuses to install.

      It says " unable to install on this dynamic volume ".


      I was/am under the impression that RAID 0 is only possible on dynamic disks, so I made the Raptors ( on an existing W7-64 installation ) dynamic and set the  the disks in Disk Management as " striped ".

      All Raptors are properly recognised as dynamic and striped in Disk Management.


      As a cause for the W7 installation failure, a search on the internet learned me that dynamic disks are only useable in the W7 installation that made the disks  dynamic.


      This brings me in a Catch 22 situation.

      How could I convert the Raptors from basic to dynamic in a W7 installation that is not yet there ?


      Obviously I do miss something major.

      In PPBM5 I see many R0 configs, how was it done ?


      Thanks for any help.




      (*) I7 950  @ 4.2 GHz - mobo ASROCK X58 Extreme 6 with onboard RAID controller - 24 GB RAM 1600 - GTX460 MSI  Hawk @ 9.4 GHZ - Cooler Master Pro 1000 W