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    PE 9 Fails to Install Shared Technologies - Adobe Support Stumped!


      I'm having the same problem as reported in the now closed thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/725863?tstart=0.


      During installation, Photoshop Elements 9 installs Elements, then installs Organizer.  When it gets to the point to install Shared Technologies, it stops the install and rollsback (uninstalls everything).


      I've scoured the Internet and have not found a solution.  Spent 5 hours on phone with two Adobe support people - they cannot figure out what to do.


      This is a brand new laptop running Windows 7 64-bit.  No other Adobe products are installed, so there are no processes to kill (as suggested to look for in the above post link).


      I've tried the Adobe diagnostics utility noted in other posts on the Web.  It was useless.


      I've created new user accounts with Administrative rights. Still no luck.


      I've got anti-virus and firewall turned off as well.


      Now Adobe tells me they need to have 2nd level support contact me, which will probably take a week.


      I am at wits end and about to write Adobe off.


      If anybody has any suggestions, please help.