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    Is new build ok for 4 layers AVCHD editing without RAID

    Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am building a a new system to edit with using CS5 and encore. We do mostly wedding videos and would need to edit 3 to 4 layers (from 3 to 4 cameras) of AVCHD 1920 x 1080 footage.


      No single clip will be in excess of 45 minutes long. The videos can be as long as about 3.5 hrs each and we can do up to 13 a month, so we require a stable and responsive machine.


      My question is will the specs below fulfill the criteria, of editing 3-4 layers AVCHD smoothly WITHOUT having to RAID?  (I am really technically challenged and it RAID seems very complicated – so ive gone with fast components in the hope that we wont have to use RAID to accomplish our goal of editing these 4 layers)










      Coolermaster HAF-X

      R1609.00 +vat





      Coolermaster 1000w

      R2195.00 +vat




      CPU cool

      Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus

      R235.00 +vat





      Asus Intel X58 Rampage III EX

      R3459.00  + vat





      i7-980X Core i7 LGA1366 3.33GHz 6.4GT/s QPI 12MB Cache 32nm Extreme (6 Core/12 Thread)

      R7349.00 +vat





      24 GB of KHX1600C9D3K6/24GX   1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM (Kit of 6) XMP

      R6509.00 +vat




      Graphics Card

      Palit GTX-580

      R3848.00 +vat





      1 x HDD210 Western Digital 300GB Velociratpor for OS

      R2750.00 ex (Each)


      3 x HDD280 Seagate 2TB 7200RPM for Video and Temp files

      R1290.00 ex (Each)

      Operating System

      Windows 7 Professional 64Bit

      R1027.00 +vat




      Blue Ray Drive


      R1115.00 ex


      Your comments on the above System will be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks