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    Move object in sync with movie

    Bill at Basis

      I'm sure I'm missing somethin simple; but I have spent hours looking and trying ways to do the following.  I have a movie clip A (which is manually set to frame 1 or 2 or 3) and I have a movie clip B that is played when a timer is triggered.  I want to move clip A down a bit during the first half of clip B and then back up bit by bit to its original location in the second half.  Along the way I want to change the frame showing in clip A.  For the first sixth of clip B I want clip A at frame 1, For the second sixth of clip B I want clip A at frame 2.  I know the length of clip B.  So I can hard code tests for when to do things if I know what frame number clip B is in.


      Thanks for any help anyone can provide.