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    Problem in calling web services


      Hi All,

      My app is completely dependent on internet...

      i use WSDL/SOAP service config

      I call few services in app start up

      It works fine if internet connection is available on page startup, if net connection is not availble at startup of app i am trying to call same services by placing timer but  at some point endPointUrl becomes null.....


      In the page initalisation i.e whil calling web services, the  parameters such has

      _serviceControl.service ="";

      _serviceControl.port ="";


      model_internal::initialize(); //gets initalised properly ...


      ----All this works fine when internet connection is there i.e it get initalised properly

      but if internet connection is not there at the application startup or any mxml  page  life cycle a problem occurs...

      i.e i do check for internet connection in my application startup and

      if (internet available)

            call a method where i call the services

            i.e getSearchEngineForPageResult.token = lawPadCommunicationServicesPort.getSearchEngineForPage(RefTxtInput, 15, counter);


         set a timer to recheck the connection, once available i wil call  the services


      But at this point i am not able to make a request bec

      all the values becomes null if initally internet is not there

      _serviceControl.service ="";

      _serviceControl.port ="";


             and also

      endPointUrl = null //how to overcome this      


              <s:CallResponder id="getSearchEngineForPageResult"/>
              <lawpadcommunicationservicesport:LawPadCommunicationServicesPort id="lawPadCommunicationServicesPort"


      where i am going wrong pls let me know....