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    Maze Scripting Help

      Can someone help me with a maze game? I combined what i know with a tutorial on physics to make my first game. However there's one thing left I need to know for it. Does anyonbe know the actionscript(or a tutorial) for making a character only move when a the button's are pressed and and to make a character turn with the direction he's going?

      Thanks in advanced!
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          MaxManNH Level 2
          That one is a little tricky. You can move a character using a combination of the movieclips onEnterFrame event and the Key.isDown method.

          IE if(Key.isDown(Key.Up))
          //some movement code here.

          Now moving you character in the direction he/she is facing will take some trigonometry and the use of the Math Class.

          try www.kirupa.com or www.Actionscript.org. Both sites have excellent tutorials