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    PRE 9.0 or 0.9 take 2

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      I posted this message some days ago, but I cannot find it anymore, so here is a second attempt.


      I recently bought PSE-9 and PRE-9. PSE is ok, but PRE gives me headaches. After two weeks of struggling two major problems stand out (apart from turtle slow, unknown errors and occasional crashes).

      Problem 1: PRE doesn’t remember all the rendered preview files. When I reopen my project the solid green line shows a lot of red gaps. And these gaps are not always in the same places, but mostly in areas where titles are used. Even during editing a red hole pops up. Deleting all the preview files and rebuilding the timeline gave me a full green bar but reopening the project gave me again and again inconsistent red holes.

      Problem 2: When I leave the PRE-window and go to another program then, when returning to the PRE-window, the program is busy for up to 2 minutes doing something. Even clicking outside the window on for example an empty place on the taskbar, gives me another 2 minute brake.

      And this morning I got a bonus from PRE. So far I had no problems with playing back the timeline. But this morning when loading the project PRE pops up a message: ‘We have detected an incompatible display driver. etc.” Resulting in a ‘no playback at all’situation.

      Fortunately this problem was covered in the Forum except that I have an official (paid for) version of PRE-9, with a serial and not a trial version!

      I have installed PRE on my laptop as well and there I have the same problems, but (obviously) on the laptop PRE is even slower than on the desktop.

      My computer configuration:

      Processor: I7-2600 3.4 GHz, Memory: 8 GB, Graphic Card: ATI HD-5570, Win 7 64 bits

      PRE is installed on drive C, the project and all the other links such as scratch disks are on a separate SATA drive. In the Preferences all the links point to the project folder on that disk.

      All the files are digital photos (5 Mp) and manipulated with key frames in the properties window. Which by the way is also apita to work with.

      I used to work in SD with Premiere Pro 1.5 since I didnt need all the extra's from later versions. But now I need to make some HDTV projects.

      As I couldn’t find any of these problems (the rendered file issue was mentioned only as an earlier version problem) in this forum I’m willing to believe that I do something wrong, but can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong !?