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    Open an external file




      Im trying to use a radiobutton in my PDF file to open an external file that will be stored in the same folder location as the PDF.


      It works file on my Mac but links to the users home folder:



      So that other users and especially the PC users we want to send this to cant use it.


      Using radiobuttons 'Open a file" action has this effect to linking to the users home folder.


      Using a radiobutton "Open a web link" ive tried file://file_to_open.pptbut that doesnt work either.


      Im sure something this fundemental is possible, can anyone help?


      Thanks for your time




      PS im using Mac Acrobat Pro v 8.1.5

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think the file naming structure and location of the default user document folder location is different on a Windows system, and may vary with OS version.

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            wobblewoo Level 1

            Thanks for your reply - but i got that, i know thats the reason its not working and wondered if you could default it to a wildcard folder or the same folder


            Anyhoo, i worked it out. Applying the command to a button does not work but if you use the advanced add url tool it then does work,


            Ive tested it on a Mac and PC etc and its fine, although the file was built on a mac and looks like it has an absolute path to the mac users folder, it also picks up a file in the same folder location


            Have a good day and cheers for your time though