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    Index links don't update when renaming topics


      I've had to rename a couple of topics in RH8, but the index doesn't update to the new topic's bookmarks.  Is there a way to have the index automatically find the bookmarks under the new topic name?

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          Don't I wish! If there is, I have never known about it since RoboHelp x3.


          Your best best is to run Reports > Index to find where your topic appears in your index and replace the name manually.


          1. Run your report on all Keywords and Index words (make sure bookmarks are included or you will miss some.)

          2. Copy all the text in the report.

          3. Paste into Word. Search on the topic you are trying to find.

          4. Toggle between windows and manually replace the Index topic name or relink your Bookmark (deleting any broken entries).


          It's clumsy, but it will get you there. I also use this method to replace broken entries when there are a lot of them.


          It's better than scrolling through a long Index word list and hoping you see them all.



          from Maryland