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    How to pass variable from JSX to VBS

    Skempy Level 1



      I have an Event calling a VBS script using the javascript below and want to pass the Event (or the parent of the Event - the document) to the VBS.


      myScript = "c:/test.vbs";
           app.doScript(myScript, ScriptLanguage.visualBasic,[myEvent]);


      However, my simple VBS script does not display anything.


      rem test.vbs script

      msgbox myEvent



      I have tried just passing a string through as a variable but no luck.


      myVariable = "Hello World";

      myScript = "c:/test.vbs";
           app.doScript(myScript, ScriptLanguage.visualBasic,[myVariable]);


      rem test.vbs script

      msgbox myVariable



      I am sure this should be simple but the only info I can find online is to do with javascript and vbs in HTML and ASP.


      Thanks for any help.