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    Automatically Tagging What's New in Each Topic


      I am in the process of creating a large webhelp system, where each topic lists new features by release. I need to tag certain parts of each topic so that features by release could be automatically generated, i.e., the user could see which changes have been made  for a particular software release. Is there any way to do this in RoboHelp 9? Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Yulia_MH and welcome to the RH community.


          You could handle this in one of two ways. RH has things called Conditional Build Tags. These are flags added to various parts of your project (e.g. entire topics, specific topic text). When you generate your output you can build an expression to exclude content with a specific tag. Rick Stone has a good tutorial on this here.


          The second way you could do this is using the new DUCC feature in RH9. This is similar to conditional build tags but instead of exlcuding the source, all of it is included. However the user is given the option of selecting (via a drop down) which version of the output to view. You could use this for each version. You might want to check out this RH9 tour for further details.


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