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    Hi guys, Having problems with gfx card and premiere elements 9 - ATI Radeon 5450


      Hi All,


      Been browsing the forum for a year or 2 - V V helpfull, So just joined and opening with a question!


      Im Running premiere elements 9 and it was crashing, then it wouldnt open at all, or I would open it and it would disappear but when I open task manager it would still be there in the background - v weird, No problems with photoshop or anything else although i havnt tried any other video progs, Had a look for the .txt file bad drivers but can t seem to find it, I've updated  elements (thanks to post from Bill hunt) and it appears to be running so far,

      Wondering - is anyone else using a ati 5450 GFX card with elements 9?


      my system is:

      windows 7 ultimate

      Quad core i5,

      8gb ddr3 ram


      Ive have another computer, an older quad core with a nvidia 9400 GT it runs the programme no problem, Also using Premiere pro, but the system with elements on it is in work, so stuck with the more basic programme,


      MAny thanks folks!