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    Adobe Reader X


      Was running fine with 9.4.2, then loaded 10.0.1 Adobe reader X version.


      Logged in to do some work. Click on the link to view a document (nothing changed except version of the reader) and the adobe screen comes up all gray. Nothing.


      I did disable the protected mode and it seems to work, but what if more people want to download V10, do we all have to un-check the protected mode?


      I thought it may have been a conflict with an older version of form server 6.0 but I do not think so.


      Any ideas?

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          What and where is "Protected Mode"

          ? I can not see statement pages on websites with whom I do business. All

          I did was accept the on-line offer from Adobe to upgrade their reader software to version 10.0.1. Now adobe wants to charge me $50.00 to fix a problem caused by their software! It's blackmail.