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    PreElements 8 audio dropout importing avi


      I'm using Elements 8, intalled in February 2011 with all updates then available.


      When importing avi files to be edited in Pre Ele 8, everything seems fine, but every 2-15 minutes, a one-frame audio drop out (producing a high volume, -2 dB, noise), sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right channel occur.


      a) This happens with avi files which were created with MS Movie Maker or Premiere Pro. If I import the same tapes from the camera with Premiere Elements itself, the dropouts do not occur (however, I have to work with many hours of files already imported with other programs, can't import original tapes again)


      b) Opening the SAME avi files with Premiere pro, Movie Maker, any Player like VLC or media player classic, the dropouts do NOT show up.


      c) Opening these avi files again and again with Pre Ele 8, the dropuots occur again and again, exactly at the same frames as before.


      d) When rendering, ar saved with "share" as dv avi or mpeg), the dropouts are saved, too - so in the rendered files, they do show up (also when the rendered files are later opened with other programs or players).


      If this error persists, I can't use Premiere Elements for my work (and I would be forced to use Movie Maker, which would be a horror).

      Please tell me if you can help me,