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    Sound Rendering Incorrectly


      Hey all.


      So I'm trying to render a composition in H.264, constructed from .MOV files and .AIF audio files.


      While the video is rendering correctly, the sound is not: the RAM preview plays sound across the entire work area without a hitch, but the rendered file is missing snippets from the various .AIF's. This is confusing me to no end, and I find that I'm fumbling around in the Output module without an improvement in the result (I am very, very new to After Effects; I'm interning at a small start-up, and I'M the only person who knows ANYTHING about AE).


      I'm working on a 2011 Macbook Pro (we're too poor to afford towers), w/ 512 MB of video memory, 4 GB of RAM, and an i7 processor. I'm including screenshots of my output configurations, in the hope that  this will help you guys figure out what I've done wrong. If anyone has  ANY idea, please let me know: I'm really anxious to get this nonsense  over with. I appreciate your help immensely.


      Much obliged,