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    Are RAID hard drive sub-systems necessary anymore?

    Grievous Angel

      I have heard mixed reviews on the necessarity of RAID sub-systems in today's state-of-the-art systems, IF you are hoping to increase read & write data transfer speeds, because today's single HD performace has increased to a point that most application needs are met. Now if you need HUGE storage capabilities then RAID is THE way to go. I also understand that it depends on your typical required data block size, (i.e., huge database apps verses video editing, for example).


      The question is, If yoiu do not own a RAID at present, would you buy one in today's technology and market?


      I have a fairly nice High Point RaidRocket 4320 Intel Hardware RAID 5 with 5 SAS 10k RPM HD and I do not think its any faster than a single SAS10K RPM HD! Actually sometimes, it acts like it pauses before writing/retrieving data???


      I am confused on what I should do to improve my video editing performqance. Suggestions please.