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    AE CS5 - Viewing items off the artboard

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      I'm going to be embarrassed about showing my Illustrator and Flash roots here, but I am animating things that come in from "off-screen". I need to be able to position them accurately in their "off screen" configuration. So in my Composition preview pane I can see the wireframe outline of the shapes, but I need to be able to see the items themselves (ie: the pixels). In Flash you can show or hide the artboard workspace, allowing you to see items that won't end up on-screen in the final composition. I'm really hoping that AE has a similar feature.


      "Modfying and using views" is the closest chapter I can find in the AE Help, which has no mention whatsoever about my question. If I'm missing something in the manual, please point it out. If there's a trick, then I'd love to hear it! If AE doesn't do this... well, I would be baffled but perhaps not shocked... is there a best practice workaround?


      thanks in advance!