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    Downloaded flash player and dekstop got deleted


      After I downloaded adobe flash player to my desktop, all my icons on my desktop are gone. Where did my desktop Icons go? I did a search on my computer of the files I was just working with but I could not find them. Using windows 7 professional 32 bit and internet explorer 8, when adobe air asked me where I wanted to download it to I pointed it to my desktop, then everything on my desktop just vanished, poof, gone, no delete file confirmation, not even a warning or a hint that stuff might get deleted. After looking around online I've seen other people have had similar issues. What world does adobe live in where a download manager program will delete files that it has no business touching... that is the opposite of downloading, I need my files back. Am I **** outta luck because of the rudeness/incompetance of Adobe? Did these files get moved / renamed / encrypted somewhere where an ignorant user cannot access them (because I clearly cannot use a download manager thus I should not have access to any computer files) Is there any more information out there about this problem? I've downloaded flash dozens of times in the past and have never had a problem like this. Do other folders run the risk of deletion when I DOWNLOAD something from adobe?