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    Movie exporting incorrectly


      We have a problem exporting files in Adobe After Effects. We tried each settings one by one (including the ones with the lowest quality). Exported films go smoothly then after a couple of seconds some frames are being skipped, after that the movie looks like a "film in rewind mode" (so many frames are missing) You can see the case by clicking on a link
      Please help us! We've been trying to solve this problem for 5 months (without any progress)


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What version of After Effects? Have you installed the recent updates? What operating system? What kind(s) of source footage? Has this ever worked before? What other software are you running? Do you have any third-party effects or codecs installed? Tell us about your computer hardware. Does the problem only happen with your final output, or does it happen with RAM preview? Are you using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing?

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            Most might think that was deliberate if you turn off the audio.


            There is no reason, out of the box, that After Effects would do this except for user error when setting up the render. Without watching over our shoulder and without Todd's many questions being answered, not much else to suggest except you have a frame rate mismatch between your source footage and your sequence footage and your output module settings.

            Many newbies try to bring highly compressed codecs from consumer or SLR cameras, like H.264, into a standard sequence. The MP4 must be decompressed and transcodec on the fly during rendering and that can cause artifacts like yours.