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    ColdFusion Extension Docs?

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      Does anyone know if there is a set of documentation pertaining to the Coldfusion Extensions for Flex Builder? I'm particularly interested in the files created by the "CRUD wizards". When you use the wizard to create a Flex app, it builds a number of components and support files (CFCs, Flex Components, Actionscript files, custom events/handlers, etc.). These files are not terribly well-documented and I'm interested to see how each file relates to the others and how specific components work (the BindableComboBox, for example). I've dissected most of the wizard created files and I understand how they work, for the most part, but there are some missing pieces that better documentation might help explain.

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          There is a book called "The Essential Guide to Flex 2 with Actionscript" by Charles E. Brown that has a chapter on Flex and Coldfusion that is essentially a tutorial on using the Flex/CF wizard for creating a CRUD application. I found this chapter and the book in general to be very useful for me as a beginner. However, the book does not go into great details about the specific files that are generated by the wizard. I'm curious, have you found any good sources that document the generated files? I would like to know more as well.
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            Unfortunately, I have not gotten any further with finding documentation than when I originally posted this message. I've resorted to analyzing the code of various sample applications from the Adobe site and from the internet in order to get a better handle on the way the Wizard uses the files it creates. I'll be sure to post a message if I'm ever successful finding documentation, though.

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              If your interested in flex crud application generators, I found a most incredible product called Clear Data Builder and an associated report writer called ClearBI (Clear Business Intelligence) from Farata Systems in NYC. One of the developers of this product is the chief editor of the new publication, Flex Developer's Journal. Very impressive. For more info: