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    How to set duration of text animations?

    dorich24 Level 1

      Scenario:  As part of my learning PrE 9 I tried to create what is essentially a slide with some bullet points. This consists of three lines of title text that I wanted to scroll onto the screen one after the other and then sit for about five seconds before the title shot ended.


      However, it appears that you cannot treat the lines of text as individual objects (assuming each line is an individual text box) as you would with KeyNote or Powerpoint.

      It appears there are three approaches to using the text manipulation for titles:

      1. Animating with the roll/crawl menu
      2. Animating with effects
      3. Animating the whole title clip (is that the correct term?) by using keyframes together with motion and opacity


      It seems that none of these allow you to sequence three lines of text so that they appear one after the other with specified durations unless you create three distinct title clips that appear one after the other. So that in for the first you would scroll on the first line, in the second title clip you would make the first line static and roll on the second line and then in the third clip you would roll on the third line while lines one and two were static. Then to get a static display you would create a fourth title clip in which all the lines were static.




      Is my understanding correct?


      I've searched through the documentation and don't see any way to set sequence and durations of individual lines of text.