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    Dynamic W3D textures


      I am making an engine in Director that allows for the user to choose from an imported pattern list to change the texture of an element of the imported W3D model. Since I am not creating the models myself I am trying to prepare the movie as much as I can at this point. My concerns are the tiling of the pattern. It doesn't seem to matter the number of times I tile the texture for the W3D files I am using because the tiling does not change. It always tiles the same amount of times. Can this not be adjusted in director? My tiles are 500 X 300 jpegs. Do I need to make sure the 3D artist textures the object properly to the 500 X 300 jpegs in 3DSMax before he exports? Also if the 3D artist uses multiple objects in 3ds max, he can group them together and give it one name so that in Director I can always be changing the texture of one Model() with the same name for all the W3D's, right?