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    Export problem


      hello everyone.


      I have a huge problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 9.

      I want to export my montage to a video file. But... the result is so bad.

      Sometimes it doesn't succeed in exporting my video (it just stops at 15%, 5%, 43%)

      Sometimes Windows closes Adobe Premire Elements.

      Sometimes I have my video but, even if the first 10s are good, there is a bug, and all the rest of the video is composed by the same image.... But there is the sound.

      It is not a problem of video format (I have tried with .mov, .avi, .wma...), not a problem from my video (I have succeeded in export once....)


      I am desperate, and I have tried to fix it since the beginning of the week...


      Thank you for your help !



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You really don't provide enough information for anyone to help

          How to ask a question http://forums.adobe.com/thread/416679
          Some specific information that is needed...
          Brand/Model Computer (or Brand/Model Motherboard if self-built)
          How much system memory you have installed, such as 2Gig or ???
          Operating System version, such as Win7 64bit Pro... or whatevevr
          -including your security settings, such as are YOU the Administrator
          -and have you tried to RIGHT click the program Icon and then select
          -the Run as Administrator option (for Windows, not sure about Mac)
          Your Firewall settings and brand of anti-virus are you running
          Brand/Model graphics card, sush as ATI "xxxx" or nVidia "xxxx"
          -or the brand/model graphics chip if on the motherboard
          -and the exact driver version for the above graphics card/chip
          -and how much video memory you have on your graphics card
          Brand/Model sound card, or sound "chip" name on Motherboard
          -and the exact driver version for the above sound card/chip
          Size(s) and configuration of your hard drive(s)... example below
          -and how much FREE space is available on each drive (in Windows
          -you RIGHT click the drive letter while using Windows Explorer
          -and then select the Properties option to see used/free space)
          While in Properties, be sure you have drive indexing set OFF
          -for the drive, and for all directories, to improve performance
          My 3 hard drives are configured as... (WD = Western Digital)
          1 - 320G WD Win7 64bit Pro and all programs
          2 - 320G WD Win7 swap file and video projects
          3 - 1T WD all video files... read and write
          Make sure you have the default Windows hard drive indexing set to OFF for all hard drives and folders
          Some/Much of the above are available by going to the Windows
          Control Panel and then the Hardware option (Win7 option name)
          OR Control Panel--System--Hardware Tab--Device Manager for WinXP
          Plus Video-Specific Information http://forums.adobe.com/thread/459220?tstart=0
          And, finally, the EXACT type and size of file that is causing you problems
          -for pictures, that includes the camera used and the pixel dimensions
          Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037?tstart=0
          What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811?tstart=0
          What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037?tstart=0
          For PC http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ or http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en
          For Mac http://mediainfo.massanti.com/
          Read Bill Hunt on editing a VOB/MPG file http://forums.adobe.com/thread/464549?tstart=0
          Edit Vob http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:How_do_I_import_VOB_files_/_edit_a_DVD%3F
          Read Hunt on Using MOD/TOD files http://forums.adobe.com/thread/699990?tstart=0
          Also, For Windows (not sure about Mac) This is aimed at Premiere Pro, but may help
          Work through all of the steps (ideas) listed at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/459220?tstart=0
          If your problem isn't fixed after you follow all of the steps, report back with ALL OF THE DETAILS asked for in the FINALLY section at the troubleshooting link
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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            As John T. points out, we need a lot more information.


            In this case, the first items to look into are the source files, video, stills, etc., and their full details. The more details, the better and easier it will be to see what could be an issue.


            The next would be the Project Preset, chosen when you start the Project at New Project. This should match the video source files 100%, or issues will abound.


            Those details will very likely point up issues, but then something to check is that you have no gaps in the Video portion of your Timeline. Gaps can cause a Timeline to stop encoding. That your stops at various points, tells me to look at those points for what is on the Timeline there, and are there any gaps?


            Good luck,



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              monsieurtibohugo Level 1

              hello, and thank you to help me.


              Ok, let me give you all the thing you need (or I try...)

              My computer is a MSI (Intel Premium Dual CPU t3400, 2.16 Ghz)

              Windows XP 32 bits. (and I am the administrator)

              RAM : 3Go

              Antivirus : Kaspersky

              Sound : Realtek or Reallusion (i don't know...)

              hard drive : 1.03/43 Go and 19.5/180Go.

              For the video I try to export, the size depends (it can be 10Mo or 400Mo), 640*420 px and  it is in .mov


              I have tried to uninstall it and install it. My first exportation was ok ! I did not have any trouble. But when i tried the second time, I have the same problem.

              On thing important is it tells me that the memory for Adobe is almost overloaded.


              For playing my video in my project, it bugs sometimes, but I forgive it.


              I have no more gap between sequences.


              It keeps encoding. but after 10s of the exported video, it shows me the same first image, or sometimes it is just gray with a cyan frame. and the "pictures" flicker.


              I have still my project and another one comes to the dead line. This problem is just stressful.


              Thanks a lot.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                What model of camcorder is your video coming from?


                When you started your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select?


                Have you ensured that you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.com.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  First work through the tips here: PrE Hanging, or Crashing - Some Tips. These cover basic things like updating drivers, disabling anti-virus ....


                  Could you clarify what your hard disk descriptions mean.


                  hard drive : 1.03/43 Go and 19.5/180Go.


                  If this means you only have 1.03GB and 19.5GB free then that is just not sufficient. For the first hard disk even 43GB might not be enough free space depending on your project size. And if you have not recently defragmented the drives that can also cause problems.


                  Post back here with the outcomes from working through the tips - and don't forget to incude screen dumps from a GSpot analysis of your clips.


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                    monsieurtibohugo Level 1

                    I don't think it is a problem from my videos. I can export my video in good conditions after having uninstalled PrE. Just oonce, but i could !

                    I have tried to export a project with only 3 videos from the same camera. Wihtout any effects. And it works very well !

                    But I have select other setting at the beginning.


                    So it is maybe the settings... (but I don't know how to change them now, I don't want to do my edition again...)


                    Maybe it is the memory. I have a lot of very short movies that I have accelerated in my timeline...


                    Duing the "gray" phase of my exported video, you can see some times, 3 seconds of the good video. And after.... It is always this gray screen.


                    Here is the Gspot answer :.



                    I have defragmented my hard drive last week.

                    I have install all the recomended patch and others from the link that you give me.


                    I know that I don't have a lot of space in my HDD, but i can export some other videos (as i mention in this post).

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      The indeterminate codec status listed in your G Spot report does seem to indicate that the problem is with your video.


                      Did it come from a camcorder? If so, can you please tell us which model it came from?

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        I don't understand what you mean when you say you can export movies after uninstalling PRE. Do you mean that you uninstalled it and then reinstalled and it worked for a while? If so then a lack of disk space could well be part of the problem.


                        Great news that you found your new project exported well and it does rather suggest that the initial project preset was wrong. Can you recall if in the original project there was a red line across the entire length of the timeline? If so then your preset was wrong. What preset did you use for the project that worked?


                        Not so good news though is that you cannot change the project preset on existing projects. However if you can afford it the clipboard utility ClipMate can let you copy and paste from one project to another. Details here: copying edited clips to a new project


                        When you updated, did you ensure that you installed the latest QuickTime version?


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                          monsieurtibohugo Level 1

                          Hello. I am still back for this problem...


                          My camera is a Canon G11. It is especially for video.


                          I have uninstalled Quicktime and reinstalled it after.


                          It seems better. But, always this problem.

                          When i start Adobe PrE, A windows appears and tells me that Adobe QT32 Server has been stopped. I guess that Qt means Quicktime. It appears after I have reinstalled QuickTime.


                          I hqve tried to export the same project. And it works fine. Except for the last 20 seconds. But I have followed precisely the pourcentage of the exportation. And when the windows "The memory for Adobe will be saturated" (or something like that...) it was around 90%. it means around the time when my video bugs.


                          I have tried again, after reopening Ad PrE. The windows appears around 15%. And the video crashed around 30s. There is a correlation betwenn that.


                          So, the problem is surely the memory.


                          However I have a free HDD, with a lot of space taht Adobe can use for the memory, or something else. How can I tell to Ad PrE, that "Hey, use this space, it is jsu for you, and nobody will bother you ! So WORK !"...


                          I cannot format my computer since I don't have the Windows Vista CD (I am not in my home....) right now.


                          About the red line on my timeline...

                          There is jsut one thing which is red. is the line under the time and on the video/audio track (I am not sure if it is clear...). But I think it means the "modified" video, no ?


                          After having the "saturated memory" message, i have tried to export my "good" project. And everything was ok. No problem.



                          Either it is a memory problem or a preset problem...


                          For the preset, I have used

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                            monsieurtibohugo Level 1

                            I have tried to use Clipmate. But I can paste my project to another because after having my project in the clipboard, or something like that, when I clock on "Edit"..... it bugs. And I have to launch again (for the x times...) Ad PrE.


                            And i don't want to work in another project because I don't know the real problem.

                            The problem can be come from the QT32 Server (I had another windows with "Windows lve Quict TIme host" has been stopped.. blablabla).


                            I was patient.... But another software may be also a solution...

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                              monsieurtibohugo Level 1

                              I have spend all my evening to understand.


                              The problem is not the preset. I have try to paste my project in another with good presets.SAme problem.

                              I wonder now if te problem can be come from the transition between the trial version and the complete one. I have started my edition with the trial.

                              It seems to bug around the same point...


                              Thanks you for helping me in any case !

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                                nealeh Level 5

                                Trial & Full versions shouldn't make any difference. It may be time for you to contact Adobe Support.


                                Other products that get favourable comments here are Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Cyberlink Power Director & Magix Movie Edit Pro.


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