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    Exporting to tape on my Laptop


      For a film competition I have to shoot, edit, and submit a video, simple enough. The only problem is that I have to submit the video onto a mini DV tape and I have tried everything to get in on there. I know this is possible because we did it on another computer and it worked, but we need to be able to do it on my laptop and I cant do it for the life of me. does anyone know what could possibly be wrong??? here are some of my system specs

      I'm using a sony HDR-FX7 Camera
      My laptop is a toshiba satellite with an i5 processor
      it has 4 gigs of RAM
      i've tried exporting it on Adobe premiere pro CS5 and Windows Movie Maker
      also my computer doesn't have a built in FireWire port so i've been using a 2 port firewire express card. could that be the issue?
      Thanks a ton if you can help