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    Preset imports and "smooth" transitions

    chucktheweevil Level 1

      Good Morning!


      I have 2 things that i needed help on:


      1) I always struggle with each update of Premier. I always lose my presets (effects) that are both in "My presets" and My favorites. I don't know why these don't transport with the update, but they are gone again. I did take the time to export my old presets in 8.0, but now in 9.0 I don't see where it gives me the option tyo import anymore? Can someone help?


      2) Once I either get my back my presets or create new ones, I struggle wit that perfect transition. Anotherwords, I always seem to drag a prest to my picture and then when it plays, the frame is frozen for a split second, then effect executes, then effect stops. I always have to go in and edit the effect and drag the "button" for rotation or scale to either end of the frame to get my smoothness? So ..


        - Is there a way to create a preset and have it know I want the scale or rotation to start at the very beginning and end at the very end?

        - And is ther a "best way" to create the movie. Like do I add transitions first and then drag presets, or drag presets and then add transition. It seems if I do either or, my prest gets truncated in the image.


      Thanks for any help!!