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    using Contribute CS5 to edit site created w/Dreamweaver - PayPal button size issues

    PapaHop Level 1

      I'm using Adobe Contribute CS5 to edit my web site that was built with Dreamweaver on a Mac.  I have a PC with Windows XP, 1G of ram, a 40G hard drive (used only for programs and operating system) a 1 terabyte external hard drive for all files, etc.  I use MSN Explorer for my browser.


      I have done extensive editing and everything works fine except for when I edit or add PayPal buttons.  The site was built using "tables" for most everything as well as all of my price lists.  When I add a button or edit button properties, that row of cells doubles in height, in the "editing window" they look okay but when I publish the page they take on the doubled height.


      I contacted Contribute tech support and they say Contribute is working properly and the problem is with how the button code was written in Dreamweaver.  The tech said even though the button looks like it is the proper size, the code tells it to take up more space thus giving me the cell height problem.  My standard price lists do not have any lines defining rows and columns but on one page I have been experimenting with I have given the table a line value of 1 to enable me to see what is going on, you can view this page at; http://www.hopscrimshaw.com/birds/owls1.htm


      My Webmaster and I parted ways a few years ago so seeking help there is not an option, she won't return phone calls, reply to e-mails, etc. 


      Any help solving this problem would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks,   PapaHop