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    Dyanmic Slideshow from Folder

      We're having a party for 400 clients. We are going to be running a presentation on 3 plasmas/projectors around our office. I need to load a flash file (Projector/exe format) on each of the 3 computers. I need that flash movie to simply read the contents of a directory on our network and display the pictures with some basic transition in between. Throughout the party, we have people taking pictures, who are going to dump them down on the network drive, and I need the presentation to dynamically pick those up and add them (or, if I delete files from the directory, they'll be bumped from the slideshow).

      There are a bunch of 3rd party utilities that do this well, but I want to create a top layer in flash that includes our logo and a party graphic that will show laid over every photo.

      I have seen someone provide an answer in PHP... Server is serving ASP, so I'd prefer that method if that's a route I have to go. Any ideas how I can do this?