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    Problems Importing 24 bit Sound Files

    mdubuque Level 1

      Hello, in both PrPro and Soundbooth I'm having some real difficulty importing some wonderful music recorded in 48k, 24 bit format.  Here is a screenshot containing some information about the file:


      Screen shot 2011-03-19 at 9.53.32 AM.png


      I am able to play this music on the little QuickTime music player (shown above), but cannot import into anything in the Adobe suite. 


      There is a menu setting in Soundbooth about selecting either 16 bit format or 32 bit format.  Since this was recorded in 24 bit format, I think that may be important.


      In PrPro, I get a message "File format not supported". 


      The screenshot above describes it as a "Sound Designer II" "kind" of file.  The fellow recorded it on some old, old Apple equipment.


      Is there a way I can import this footage into Soundbooth or PrPro with a minimum of generation loss from any file conversion?


      Is there another type of workaround?


      I'm reluctant to trouble him for a redo.   24 bit was the highest he could go on his equipment.


      Thanks for your help,


      Matt Dubuque

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          The bit depth is probably not the issue, but more the format (SDII). Check out Audacity (Audacity: Download), a free sound editor that supports many formats that Adobe software does not. Once open, you can export/save to a more standard PCM/WAV/AIFF format that Premiere will eat.

          If Audacity does not open these files directly, use the File > Import > Raw Data command; you may have to try a few times, but that will usually offer the right combination of options to import uncompressed audio data. I don't have an SD2 file to test, so just do a little experimentation and you should be able to find the magic number

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            mdubuque Level 1

            Thanks Colin,


            I downloaded the program and I note that in its preferences it asserts that the maximum spectrogram display level is 8kHz. 


            Does this mean that I have a high bandpass filter at 8000 Hz and anything above that is cut off?  I would be pretty reluctant to go that route because this film seems likely to be shown in a theatre and quite a few of us can hear above that pitch.


            On the other hand, the playback sounds pretty good, so perhaps this is just a VIDEO output display limitation of the original audio waveform that may actually be from 20Hz to 20KHz for example.


            Any thoughts on that?


            Also, Memory is of no concern, only fidelity and resolution and probably conformance to an RIAA curve or close to it.


            Given that, of the three file types you mentioned, WAV, PCM, or AIFF, is it true that .wav. would offer the highest fidelity, irrespective of memory required to store it?





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I cannot comment on Audacity's frequency capabilities, but others probably can.


              As far as the Audio format, the PCM/WAV, which is uncompressed, will give you the ultimate fidelity.


              Good luck,



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                mdubuque Level 1

                Super, thanks, I went with the PCM uncompressed, very high quality.