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    Where is the syncing sound FAQ or Tutorial? Gotta be somewhere.

    msp1518 Level 1

      If it were just me, I'd say I was nuts. But three of us are here and hours later, we still can't find out how to sync sound.


      All searches result in threads having to do with problems with codecs, conversions etc.


      We need to understand how to sync audio with video. Video shot on say, a DSLR and audio recorded at the same time, but separately on say, an H4N.


      In using Premiere Pro when I try and line up everything, It's off by a few frames. It seems impossible to line them up perfectly because as I drag the sound, it will move in spurts (increments) and go right past where I want.


      The camera audio is present on this project and say, for a slate, you can see the sound spike. It would be great if I could just line up the sound spikes (camera audio recorded and H4N recorded), but no... Can't be done. Not that we can see.


      So someone, please rescue us. Where is the tutorial on this. There has got to be one. Right?


      Thanks in advance.


      We have CS5 Production Premium.