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    ASDOCS - Error: unable to open 'Flash'

    MotionMaker Level 1

      I started a new Flex 4 project in Flash Builder 4 and it is  relatively clean - just MXML and AS files. There are two swcs. One with  embedded fonts and the other with a preloader animation. It uses Parsley  and the Parsley config file <Objects> gets rejected. So I excluded that.


      The error I get is:


      Error: unable to open 'Flash'


      Use 'asdoc -help' for information about using the command line.


      -source-path src
      -doc-sources src
      -external-library-path libs/CMLBrandedPreloader.swc libs/CMLBrandedPreloader.swc
      -exclude-sources   /Users/ahosford/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder  4/SprycelCML/sprycel-cml-tracker-unbranded-reskin/sprycel-unbranded/t  runk/client/SprycelCMLTrackerBranded/src/ParsleyConfiguration.mxml


      Pretty frustrating you cannot say limit the ASDOCs just to the MXML and AS so you have something more than nothing.