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    Unable to set ViewStack's selectedIndex dynamically

    Ameya Mogare Level 1



      I am developing a SAP Web Dynpro Flash Island that contains a ViewStack with 2 HBoxes.


      Depending on value from Web Dynpro, ViewStack should render either of 2 HBoxes.

      And note that this selectedIndex wont change during session.



      Public var childInViewStack : int;


      I have tried putting this selectedIndex setting logic in several lifecycle methods of ViewStack (preInitialize, Initialize, updateComplete, creationComplete).

      But I see random behaviour. It sometimes show HBox_0 and in most of the cases it shows HBox_1.


      Note that in all my test cases, Web Dynpro is sending childInViewStack as '0'. But Flash always shows HBox_1!!!


      Any idea why is it happening?


      Please help. I am stuck with this issue since a week now.


      Thanks and regards,