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    Custom particle problem, transparency not showing in generated particles?

    Tore B. Krudtaa

      Using After Effects CS5 and Trapcode Particular:


      I want to use a custom particle for the generated particles.

      So I have imported a .gif image of a pollen grain, which have a transparent backround.

      The transparency does not automagically show after the import, but I have found (via web) that I can

      select the imported gif in After Effects and do the following:


      Effects>Keying>Color Key and then use the eye dropper to key out the color I want to be transparent?
      Then the imported image show transparency where it should (more or less), but the generated particles still show the white background instead of the newly added transparency... how do I make it so the transparency in the imported image, is visible in the generated particles?


      I also probably want to get some better 3D look to the particles, so I'm considering buying a 3D model of a pollen grain.

      What 3D fileformats are supported out of the box to be used with AE and Trapcode Particular and is there something in particular I should
      aware of when buying such files?