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    MXML Component location

      When you create component,
      Can you create the component into some central location in the sdk
      rather than application directory or subdirectory ?

      If you can, How we should use in namespace ?
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          peterent Level 2
          Let's say you want to put your component source code in c:\components (or a sub-directory thereof). You can tell Flex Builder to include that directory structure into the source path: go to the project's properties and select build path and then use the source tab and add this new path.

          If you are using the SDK compiler, then use the source-path option to add that path.

          Since the path is now part of the compilation process you don't need to do anything except use it as if it were in the local directory. For example, if you have c:\components\com\adobe\Test.mxml you can use it like this:

          <mx:Application xmlns:test="com.adobe*"> ... <test:Test ... />