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    ERROR 1311


      k, running new HP pc Win 7 (hate it) and having major issues opening

      pdf docs (which I have to do ALL THE TME) in IE 8

      Heres the problem:


      error 1311. Source File Not Found


      Verify that the file exists and that you can access it


      So, what do do now?  Tried to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader X but that hit a dead zone could not get that to work; restored to previous point and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

      Any help out there?

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          Did you ever figure your problem out?  I am having the exact same issue and I can't get anyone to help me.  Noone will even respond to my question on here.  Just wondering if you figured it out?

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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            You do realize that this is a user to user forum with no Adobe personnel in charge of answering questions, and that therefore getting an answer depends on that someone who knows it happens to read your question and has the time to reply? And that this is a Sunday?