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    Required quiz can be skipped


      I've created a powerpoint with  several quizzes embedded throughout the tutorial. The idea is for  students to click through the powerpoint slides, and after every 2-3  slides, they have to answer a question to continue. Each question is  contained in its own Presenter quiz. I've created my own customized  feedback slide after each question so I have each quiz set to not show  scores after each 'quiz'.

      I want students to attempt to answer these questions before moving on, so each quiz is set to  "Required." However, if you view a question, then go to a previous  slide (click the back arrow), and then return to the question (click the forward arrow), the 'next slide' button is  enabled and the student can go to the next slide without attempting to  answer the question.

      Any thoughts out there??


      Jay Buzhardt