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    Why Can't I open Adobe Priemere Elements 9???


      I am really frustrated and I hope somebody can help me. I am simply trying to open Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to start a new project, and I can't. The welcome screen opens, but when I click on "New Project," the welcome screen (and tab in the task bar) disappears!  Arrgghhhhhh. Where did it go? The same thing happens when I click on "Open project."


      I thought I would simply uninstall this program and then reinstall. But it won't let me uninstall. I get a statement that says, "The setup has detected that Welcome Screen - Adobbe Premiere Elements 9 is currently in use. Please close all running exe(s). Arrgghhhhh!!!!!  Can someone save me from going ballistic and destryoing my computer with a sledge hammer???