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    File video dimensions (width/height) too large error?


      Trying to display documents (PDF converted to TIFF) as a PinP.


      First attempt worked okay but the image quality was poor.


      Re-scanned the documents at a higher resolution and now I can't even import them!


      Basically, we're talking about a static head-shot video which I moved over to the left and am putting the document the speaker is discussing in the right quarter of the screen.  I'm trying to get the resolution high enough to be able to read the text in the document.


      Any suggestions welcome.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of these images?


          The resolution, i.e. PPI/DPI, will be meaningless in Video - only the pixel x pixel dimensions.


          What is your Project Preset's Frame Size? That will provide you with a good starting point for the Scaling of your TIFF images. There is nothing to be gained, and much to be lost, if the pixel x pixel dimensions are much larger, than your Frame Size.


          This ARTICLE will give you background, and also some tips on how to batch Scale, prior to Import into Premiere.


          Good luck,



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            admadm@excite.com Level 1

            Thanks for the welcome and reply, Hunt.  Total noob here.


            The TIFs are different sizes but in the range of 4808 x 6380 (single 8.5x11 page with some color highlighting) or 1680 x 2194 (single page, no highlighting -- but scanned in "color" as well) and even 10082 x 12112.


            Preset frame size is 720h 480v (0.9091)


            And I hear you about little gained and much to lose -- the few files scanned at high res that I was able to import into my project actually looked worse than the lower-resolution files (about 1/10 the height and width) I had used initially.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The max still image size is approximately 4096 pixels, so the 4808 x 6380 files are just not going to Import.


              The trick with Scaling, is to first do that in PS/PSE, as the Scaling algorithms are better, plus, at least in PS, will offer you some choices, such as Bicubic Sharper, or Bicubic Smoothier. Experimentation with your images will likely tell you which works best.


              Now, with Video, one can only display the pixel x pixel area for the Frame Size, though one CAN animate to say Pan Down, creating a Roll. Though you mentioned doing a PiP, let's just keep things simple here (you can do the math with your exact PiP later), and say that you have the vertical (8.5 x 11) image, and want to place that into the horizongal area of the Video. You can Scale the vertical dimension to 720, and let the vertical dimension adjust, per the Aspect Ratio of the scanned page (making sure that that vertical dimension is LESS than 4096 pixels), and then use the fixed Effect>Motion>Position and Keyframes, to "Roll" the image up, allowing the audience to read it. The other option would be to Scale the vertical dimension of the image to the 480 pixels, and let the width than adjust. This is about what it seems that you wish to do with the PiP.


              There is another consideration, but you probably do not have control over those at this point - TEXT. Video is not kind to Text, like high-resolution printing is, and 720 x 480 is quite low resolution. A san-serif font should be used, as the serifs can flicker, and also go very soft. Text should be adequately large, and should be bold enough, that you do not have any thin lines in it. With scanned existing documents, you may just have to live with what you have.


              Good luck,



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                admadm@excite.com Level 1

                Thanks again.  Appreciate the help.