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    Adobe X


      This symbol has becone synonymous with thousands of people NOT being able to open emails, and PDF attachments!

      I received an email this morning from Adobe, stating a faster than ever online experience! PDF's downloaded in seconds!

      When clicking on the link.... I had to PAY!!  3 Years, to a month option!


      When the entire Adobe X "upgrade" went belly up, thousands were looking for a solution! None was offered by Adobe

      who obviously knew they had issued a dud! Have they sorted this out after a month?  NO!!


      There is NO DIRECT "contact us" link/button! ALL it does is shunt you from one  dead end street to another! PAY for a call ($32? if I recall)

      Hello! Some countries have families barely surviving on that amount for a year!! Adobe should be paying me to apologise for their HUGE cock up!


      International Law states that although it is a free service, an undertaking was given to provide the "best" service globally.This has not happened!under this Law, Adobe may be sued for breach of contract!  The thousands of users that have been affected can testify to this!


      The time has come for the owners/writers of Adobe to step up to the plate! APOLOGISE for the very bad "upgrade" and find a solution to this problem

      within the next few days!


      Mind you, International Law just may make me a millionaire! )