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    Cannot type in Semicolon character


      I have the following problem, using Adobe Flash Cs5:


      I'm not sure how its in international keyboards, but in the Hungarian keyboard, you can type in semicolons, by pressing ALT GR + , ( comma )


      So when i'm pressing the combination, nothing happens, even if i try to type in a semicolon in a regular text field on the Scene.

      Although by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + , (comma) it works.

      The Alt gr + , shortcut works in Windows, even in Photoshop, but its curious why the flash doesnt recognise that command.


      Do you have any solutions for that kind of problem?

      Even tried to set the kezboard lazout to English, but still doesnt work


      Im using Windows 7, 64bit - English,  Hungarian keyboard

      Adobe Flash CS5