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    Legit site?

    doodicus Level 1

      (Sorry about the double post - I posted in Acrobat by error)


      I received an email about AcrobatX with website given as

      [url deleted by host]


      linking to




      [url deleted by host]


      and just wondered that it did not look right.


      and screengrab


      1103 20 41.png

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe Reader is the official name of a free program from Adobe, whose official site is here:




          I would seriously question any site offering downloads of a free program...

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            doodicus Level 1

            Why is it, I ask myself, that Adobe should attract such attention to itself merely for wishing to make reasonably secure files, reasonably available across multiple platforms, languages, ... and in a way that make revisions or alterations obvious?


            To Hosts: thank you for deleting the URLs.  Without them the original post might have been meaningless but with them there were additional issues.


            At least two breaches were obvious: using a registered trademark name and using the name of a registered company.


            I'll revise up the coding to correct answer.