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    System not using all avail. mem.

    Bob Sackter

      Hi all, did a lot of forum searching and haven't seen this topic.

      I'm using PPCS5(in production Premium) While rendering, the program is not using all available memory. before I go on here is the system I am using:


      EVGA X58FTW mobo

      I7 970

      6x4gig Kingston hyperX 1600 RAM

      Quadro fx4000

      WD 140gig Raptor sys. drive

      2x1TB RAID 0 (3gig SATA) data

      2x2TB RAID 0 (6gig SATA) data

      see image:


      I have 21gigs allocated to the program.

      Is the bottleneck the cache memory?

      This is what I'm outputting:


      Thanks for looking.