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    Android app size limit / wierd deleting video file bug


      Hi all


      i'm currently developing an app for an Archos 43, OS android 2.2.1, with flash as3.

      the app is a museum guide so i have more than 800mb of movies (it's not for marketplace).

      once i published the apk with the video directory and tried to install on the archos, i got a no free space error (even if i had 14gb free).

      after some research i noticed that the installer tried to install the app in the internal memory of the tablet and not on the external.

      to avoid that i changed the android-manifest with the code < xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:installLocation="preferExternal"> as suggested on Adobe Help Boards.

      It worked, but apparently if i try to install an app with a size greater than 450mb i get a generic error, and i can't install it.

      With smaller size it works fine, i wonder if there is a hard coded app size limit...

      Anyway to get over the problem i tried to put the movies on the external memory in the video directory and publish from flash only the app without the movies.


      the code goes like that:


      var vidSala:Video = new Video(428,242);


          var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();


          var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);




      the seven "\\.." are there because i only get it to work with relative path, so it goes from the app install directory way up to the root, and then in the storage\video folder.

      when i want to close the video i use the code:




      and here is the weird thing: the first time the movie plays fine, if i try to load the same video again it wont works, because once the code pass the "ns.close();", the app DELETES the movie file.

      i really don't know how to solve that and i'm losing my mind, i really love some help from someone more experienced programmer.

      to summarize:

      • is there any way i can get over the 450mb app size limit ?
      • is there a better (or another way) lo load an external movie in as3 besides the above code?
      • anyone know why my ns.close() code keep deleting my files?


      Thanks in advance !


      PS:sorry if i made any english mistakes, it's not my first language