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    oops.  checked the "don't ask again" authorize box


      I was using ADE successfully with my Aluratek Libre reader.

      Then I formatted the drive.  I was able to re-authorize.


      Then, I'm not sure of the sequence, but at some point it was asking to authorize my device again, and  I clicked the "Don't ask again for this device" checkbox.


      ADE does see the reader and it is listed under Bookshelves.


      But, ADE gives me "No permission to copy document here" when trying to transfer a book to my ereader.


      Is there any way of authorizing the ereader again?  Is that the problem?



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          rizwan.54 Level 1



          Regarding your problem you can try following steps.


          1) Click Start >>Run

          2) Type regedit and hit enter

          3) Locate for key Locate the following key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Adobe>Adept

          4) Right click on Adept and delete.

          5) Now open Digital Editions and it will ask you to authorize.

          6) Enter your ID and paasword and authorize it.

          7) Now connect Reader and authorize the same.


          I hope this will help you.!!!!




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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Deauthorizing won't help (and will actually hurt, so I wouldn't do that if I were you).


            The setting is stored in the manifest.xml file (in your digital editions folder).


            The easy way to handle this is to close ADE and then

                 1.) rename manifest.xml to manifest.xml.old

                 2.) restart ADE (this will scan your Digitial Editions folder and try to recreate your manifest - don't worry if all your books don't show up)

                 3.) plug in the device - it should ask you now to authorize - do so

                 4.) Quit ADE

                 5.) delete current manifest.xml (that just got created), and rename manifest.xml.old to manifest.xml

                 6.) Restart ADE - you should be good to go.


            Alternatively if you are comfortable with hand editing XML you could go edit the manifest.xml section to remove the top section about devices.

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              aloyi Level 1

              Thank you for the helpful suggestions.


              I am hoping I will not need to deauthorize ADE and reauthorizing ADE again as I do not know how that would affect a 2nd reader (sony) that is on this account.


              Jim - I tried you suggestion and renamed my manifest.xml file that is on my reader.  Restarted ADE, plugged in my problem reader - but it did not ask to authorize the reader.


              It still showed up under ADE Bookshelves, as it did even before renaming the xml file.  There is a newly created xml file in the Digital Editions folder, along with the .old.  And ADE is still saying "No permission to copy document here" when I try to transfer a book.


              Just to be sure, you did not mean for me to rename the xml file that is on my computer?  I want to ask before trying that, as again, I don't want to mess up my sony reader.


              thanks again for your help!

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                rizwan.54 Level 1



                In order to fix the error "No permissions to copy documents here" follow the instructions as given below.


                                    1) Open Digital Editions.
                                    2) Connect the Reader and open it.
                                    3) Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + E  on your keyboard.
                                    4) Now unplug the Reader and replug it.
                                    5) There you will find a new drive created similar to C or D drive under My computer.
                                    6) Open the Readers Drive and you will find a folder with name adobe.digital.editions.
                                    7) Delete this folder..
                                    8) Now Open Digital Editions and connect your Reader again and authorize it.
                ..                  9) Now try to transfer books to your Reader.