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    Effects Problem in Waveform View




      I am having the following problem when trying out some VST and AU effects in the Effects sidepane in the Waveform view.


      1) VSTs are not toggle-able.  I can turn on and off the power buttons to the left of each effect, but the audio is not affected by this toggling, i.e. the effects remain active no matter what their states.


      2) AUs are not accessible for editing parameters - I can toggle them on and off with no problem, but the way choosing a VST or other non-AU effect usually brings up a window with that effects parameter interface, or the way double-clicking an effect in the pane usually brings up its paramter interface, does not work with AU effects on my effects pane.


      Toggling both kinds of effects in the Multitrack Mixer view works perfectly.  I have only experienced these problems in the Waveform view Effects sidebar.



      BONUS THIRD PROBLEM) In the Multitrack view the spacebar has ceased to control the toggling of playback, that is, up until today, when I hit spacebar in either Waveform or Multitrack view the file or multitrack session would begin or pause playback, now this functions only in Waveform view.



      Hope you can help.




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          Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee


          What effects are you seeing this with?

          Be specific, please.  (So I can attempt to reproduce the issue.)


          Can you send a screen shot of the waveform editor with the effects that are not working?  And also send a screenshot of the Multitrack.


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            mpberger Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me.


            Firstly.. the problem I was having hitting spacebar, and not having Audition toggle playback in Multitrack view, seems to have fixed itself.


            Ok. I have taken a screen capture video of the VST/AU effects problem.

            The video may be seen here: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~mpberger/spare/Audition/


            It is about 15MB.


            The plug-ins I was using the other day, I cannot exactly remember, but since it seemed to be affecting all of the plugins I would chose, I tried to recreate the issue today with some other plug-ins.  These are all plugins from the VST/AU sub-menus of the add effects window, the effects listed above these are fine (i.e. those classified as "Amplitude and Compression," "Special," etc...).


            For this test I used AuraPlug's "EddieVSHeaven" distortion effect, and mda's "RingMod" VSTs, and mda's "RingMod" again for the AU.


            I am running OS X 10.6.6 on a MacBook Pro 17" 2.66GHz Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM.


            Let me know if you need any other info.




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              Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

              Good catch.  I created bug reports for two issues I found.  The UI not opening and the space bar playback issue were already know and we are looking into them.
              The AuraPlug effect are reporting to us as stereo, but mono compatible, so we allow it to be opened on mono audio source.  Somewhere there is an error between the communication between the plug and us.  Converting the mono audio source to stereo will allow the plug-in to work properly.
              Also, some AU effects that do not have custom UI will not open the generic effect UI.  This is why the mda plugins will open, but cannot be viewed.


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                mpberger Level 1

                Thanks! Glad to be of help!

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                  mpberger Level 1

                  I am going to take down the video file from the network.  So let me know if you still need it or not (or that you have made a copy) and then I will go ahead and remove it.




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                    Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

                    Yep, go ahead and remove it.  Thanks again.